BISS Can./Am. Ch. Kireisa's Champagne Splash

April 15, 2000 - August 13, 2007


Our diva, our Princess, is gone.


 We  lost our beloved Splash yesterday evening.  Suddenly, completely unexpectedly and 
inexplicably -- we have no idea what it was.  She had turned 7 years old in April. She was fine and in good health generally, other than a  recent skin infection 3 weeks ago which was treated with antibiotics, and from which she was recovering well.   Only three nights ago, she affectionately cuddled (on the couch) with our dinner guests -- she was happy and normal in every way.

When I walked her (unbeknownst to me, for the last time) yesterday morning with the rest of the house dogs, she did  everything she normally would, and then did her "crazy race" through  the house, with the other dogs in hot pursuit, when we came back inside .  When Gary got home from work at about 6:45 p.m., she greeted him happily, as  usual, but when he called her to come for her night-time walk about  9:15 p.m., she didn't respond.  He found her in our boys' room, lying  down between their two beds, on her side as if asleep, but she was gone. 


As I write this today, sadness, shock and denial are my strongest emotions, but she didn't greet me this morning with  her welcoming 'A-rowwwww' ('Hello' in Splash-speak) accompanied by her  trademark side-to-side head swing.  It seems so surreal to be writing these words; I didn't expect to be doing this for many years yet.  My favourite photograph of her is the one shown on the Memorial page -- Splash on the dock --taken by 12-year old Charlie Ewing, with whose family Splash spent several weeks cottaging while we moved house in 2001.


 Splash was a very special girl:  our first homebred  Best in Specialty Show (BISS) winner, Canadian/American Champion and multi-Group (and Puppy Group) placer, and, oh, how she loved to  show  --  she would just come alive in the show ring, prancing and posing!  So gentle in spirit, and such a natural show dog was she, that she was our son Kyle's occasional partner in Junior Handling competitions.  She would even go into Juniors with a friend's young daughter -- she made any handler look good with her flair and ringwise ways.

She was our princess; she loved to sit on chairs at the dining room  table with us (when we turned a blind eye) -- a trick she adopted as a puppy.  Her "diva-ness" was apparent early on.  Splash accepted our two Whippets with love and great dignity; she always slept at the foot of our bed, or just outside the bedroom door, on sentry duty.  She tolerated -- even welcomed -- with kisses, our great white bear Cannon (who, as anyone who knows him, can be overbearing in his affection); and she always enjoyed a piece of toast in the morning that Gary would make especially for her.


The medical cause for her death was "massive abdominal haemorrhage", but the autopsy and subsequent toxicology testing failed to find the reason.  It was not cancer, not torsion, nor any heart condition.  To this day, we do not know why she was taken from us.  (Interestingly, a few short weeks after Splash left us, I opened a Chinese fortune cookie to read the words, "Sometimes, the answer is:  "There is no answer."

Our home is empty, and our hearts are heavy without her regal presence in our lives.


Lorraine Burch
August 14, 2007