Mizu Umi Gin Fujin
 June 27, 1990 - August 1, 2002

Less than one month after we had to say goodbye to Tegra, we have now had to say goodbye to our foundation bitch, Roxxie.

Mizu Umi Gin Fujin came to us through our friends, the Benzingers, who took her in when she became the victim of a divorce, and her owner could no longer keep her.

She came to stay with us at 3 years old, her sweet, loving nature and gentle ways immediately endeared her to the entire family. Ironically, the only aggression we ever saw from her was towards Tegra - -  they hated each other on sight.

We bred her to our Sunny, and she gave us Moka, who in turn has given us Tabu, Zak, Panda and Chorus. Tabu, in turn, has blessed us with Splash. Roxxie's gentle influence has remained through the generations.

When my father-in-law was admitted to a nursing home, leaving my mother-in-law alone in her big house, Roxxie became her companion, and the two would share tea and toast in the mornings. These golden days lasted about 18 months, until my mother-in-law, Marion, died suddenly from complications of surgery last year.

Roxxie came home to us again, and while she is now reunited with Marion at the Bridge, her spirit will be here forever with us. Her ashes will be scattered over the fields and the forest of Kireisa.

God speed, Roxxie. We'll miss you, but you've left us a legacy of three
beautiful generations to remember you by.

Lorraine Burch
August 1, 2002