Introducing our Akitas

The dogs described below are our resident and co-owned Akitas who make up our show and breeding program.  They are our present, and our future, but most importantly, they are all are much-loved members of our family, and share our daily lives.


OUR MALES (in alphabetical order)


Photo:  Summer 2009


BIS CFC Elite Ch. / CKC Ch. Kireisa's Phantom Image, TT, CGC

Sire:  Kireisa's Phantom Pandamonium ("Panda")
Dam:  Big Benz Kick It Up A Notch ("Emmy")
Born:  May 3, 2003
Height/Weight:   27" / 115 lbs. 

With a pure white coat, his correct, dark pigmentation gives him his striking good looks.  Now mostly retired from showing and breeding, Cannon has long been a favourite of breeders, judges,  handlers and fanciers who have had the opportunity to meet him over the years.  His temperament is superb; his goal in life: To meet (and impress) everyone that he can!

Cannon has obtained both his Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) Championship and his Canine Federation of Canada (CFC) title, as well as winning Best in Show at the CFC show in Laval, Quebec on October 6, 2007.  On October 30th, he earned his TT* and CGC* designations at the Akita Club of America National Specialty in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky. In June 2008, he became (we think) the first Akita  "Elite Champion" under the CFC system.

* BIS = Best in Show; TT = Temperament Test; CGC = Canine Good Citizen

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Photo:  December 2011


Kireisa Big Benz Gunnery Sergeant

Sire: "Cannon"  (see above)
Dam:  Big Benz Tia Maria ("Tia")
Born:  November 13, 2010
Height / Weight:  25" / 85 lbs (still maturing)

Gunner was our "stud fee puppy" from a litter bred by Big Benz Akitas.  Co-owned with Jolene Benzinger, he earned 5 points towards his American Championship from the Puppy classes.  He was Reserve Winners Dog and Best Puppy at the Akita Club of America National Specialty in 2011, and is shown in the photo, at left, winning the Sweepstakes at the Akita Club of America Regional Specialty in Orlando, Florida, on the Eukanuba weekend.

He is maturing beautifully, possessing a great bear-like head with small thick ears; his strength and agility are apparent in his powerful gait.

Gunner will be shown this summer in Canada and the U.S. as we seek to attain his championships in both countries.



OUR FEMALES (in alphabetical order)

Kireisa's Autumn Harvest

Sire:  "Cannon"
Dam:  Kireisa's Rainmaker ("Raine")
Born: September 12, 2010
Height / Weight:  24" / 85 lbs.

This pretty red and white girl was born as summer waned into autumn, with its bountiful and colourful harvest,  hence her name, Autumn Harvest.  Pumpkin is a happy girl, full of life and silliness, who bounces her way around the exercise paddock.

We hope to have Pumpkin out at the summer shows this year, with a view to earning her Championship.

She is pictured at 7 months of age.


(Photo:  April 2011)


Kireisa's [ registered name still pending]

Sire:  Am. Ch. Big Benz Hard Core
Dam:  Kireisa's Nakita
Born:  June 27, 2012

This little sweetheart is "Sambuca", shown here at 5 weeks old. 

She is co-owned with Rick WIshlow.


Kokopelli Pretty Vegas at Kireisa

Bred by Matty Demeo of Kokopelli Akitas in Henderson, NV,  Vegas is a fun-loving and energetic Akita.  She is a stocky girl, with heavy bone, and great angles, attributes that we look forward to her contributing to our breeding program.

Dam:  Big Benz Hot Apple Cider
Born: May 26, 2009
Height / Weight:  23" / 75 lbs.



(Photo:  August 2011)



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