Below is a listing of Kireisa titleholders, dogs owned or bred by Akitas of Kireisa, who have achieved Championship status, obedience titles, or other significant awards of distinction.

25 CKC Ch. Kari-On's Kanoko at Baxters August 2007
24 CKC Ch. Kireisa's What About Me August 2007
23 BIS CFC Ch./CKC Ch. Kireisa's Phantom Image, CGC, TT August 2007 -
October 2007
22 CKC Ch. Kaizen Valiant Dawn at Kireisa, TT June 2007/
October 2007
21 CKC Ch. Kireisa's Champagne Chorus November 2006
20 Ch. Kireisa's Kaya O'Calaban July 2006
19 BIS CFC Ch./CKC Ch. Big Benz All About Me at Kireisa, TT September 2005 -
October 2007
18 CKC Ch. Kireisa's Champagne Reflection July 2005
17 AKC Ch. Big Benz Knight Ryder Kireisa August 2004
16 CKC Ch. Kireisa's Champagne Legend July 2003
15 CKC Ch. Kireisa's Tengoku No Gipushi August 2001
14 CKC Ch. Kireisa's Matagi June 2001
13 CKC Ch. Kireisa's Crimson's Revenge February 2001
12 BISS CKC/AKC Ch. Kireisa's Champagne Splash November 2000 -
August 2004
11 CKC Ch. Kireisa's Dallas August 2000
10 CKC Ch. Kireisa's Baie-Lei of Maiali July 1999
9 CKC Ch. Erin's Kaede of Kireisa February 1999
8 CKC Ch. Kireisa's Champagne Classic August 1998
7 Kireisa's Champagne Dream TT, ROM September 1998/
April 2002
6 CKC Ch. Kireisa's Thane of Alta VIsta May 1998
5 CKC Ch. Kireisa's Suki Fujin No Kuma June 1997
4 Kireisa's Kodiak, CD February 1995
3 CKC Ch. Kireisa's Chikara Kuma November 1994
2 CKC/AKC Ch. Big Benz Son of a Be  July 1994 /
March 1997
1 CKC Ch. Lodale's Integra of Cadan April 1991

Eventually, we hope to add photos of many of the titleholders listed above.

Legend of Title Abbreviations:


 Best in Show (All Breed)


 Best in Specialty Show (Akitas only)


 American Kennel Club


 Companion Dog (Obedience)


 Canine Federation of Canada


 Canine Good Citizen




 Canadian Kennel Club


 Register of Merit


 Temperament Test