Breeding Akitas since 1990, we are located one hour outside of Toronto, Canada, in the general vicinity of Milton, Burlington and Guelph, Ontario.  We are close to the U.S. border, being less than 1-1/2 hours from Buffalo, New York.  Our experience with dogs spans more than 40 years, encompassing many aspects, including competitive obedience, dog guide training/breeding, and animal control management. We show our dogs in conformation, both in Canada and the United States, and we participate in the breed specialties of both countries. Several of our Akitas are being exhibited in Europe under the breed name "American Akitas" (formerly, Great Japanese Dogs).  Our ongoing commitment to the breed includes attendance at educational seminars on genetics, nutrition, structure, breeding, health and training. 

Gary and Lorraine have both served in various capacities (including President) on the Board of Directors and Executive of the Akita Club of Canada during a continuous 16-year membership. We have been members in good standing of the the Canadian Kennel Club since 1990; Lorraine has served as Conformation Council Representative for the Canadian Kennel Club ("CKC"), as well as Examination Committee Chair for the Central Ontario Zone, and is currently (for the 2010-2013 term) appointed to the CKC's Registration Division Hearings Committee. Members, as well, of the Akita Club of America, Lorraine presently serves on the Rescue Committee for that club.

Our dogs are regarded as "members of the family" and our lifestyle revolves around their health, happiness and well-being.  Many hours are spent with our dogs, every day, on their grooming care, exercise and feeding needs, training and playtime.  We participate in other "canine" activities, predominantly conformation competition (dog shows), but have also trained for and participated in obedience, carting and therapy work.  Most of all, our Akitas are our constant companions, keeping us company while we do "computer work" or enjoy quiet reading time, and alternately accompanying us on errands, hikes, trips and vacations. 

At Kireisa, we breed only occasionally, when looking for our next champion show dog prospect Puppies are raised in our home in the midst of our family, with 24-hour monitoring and supervision, and receive plenty of love and attention right from their first days. Socialization occurs as they are integrated into our family routine and exposed to the sights and sounds of an active household and lifestyle.  We ensure that each and every puppy receives the individual attention required to become a happy, well-adjusted adult. Strong emphasis is placed on proper nutrition and exercise for the pregnant dam. Regular monitoring and veterinary consultation takes place to ensure both mother and pups are in the best of health throughout gestation, whelping, lactation and weaning periods.

The well-being and happiness of our dogs is a primary concern, therefore, all puppies are sold on a contract basis, which protects both the puppy and the purchaser. The purpose of our contract is three-fold:

        ♦ to ensure the health and well-being of the dog for its entire lifespan;
        ♦ to offer the purchaser the reassurance of a sound, well-bred dog; and
        ♦ to maintain or improve the quality, traits and integrity of the breed.

We assist our pre-approved purchasers in selecting the puppy that will best fit in with the family's requirements, and we stay in touch to provide advice and guidance along the way. Private consultations and training sessions are available upon request.  We believe that our obligation to you, as a purchaser of a Kireisa puppy, is ongoing throughout the lifetime of the dog.

Lorraine and Gary Burch
Akitas of Kireisa